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Times of change

Time to rethink life in the big cities and consider cities like Guarda to build a healthier future

The unique situation that we are currently experiencing with the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic can bring changes and opportunities to the inland territories and peripheral medium and small-sized cities.

All over the world, deaths are counted and the catastrophic effects on economies are threatening our stability. Families, businesses, and citizens, in general, are beginning to divert attention from big cities, large urban agglomerations, and focus on alternatives.

Also, in tourism and in the experience of visitation, everything will be about to undergo changes.

The problems prior to the pandemic were already complex. For some years now, living in big cities has become a real challenge for survival. The problems of finding affordable housing, stable jobs, effective mobility, and soft commuting, environmental quality, etc. were already known and felt. To these, the pandemic is added, and, deep down, many people begin to reflect on the future and to think about alternatives.

The city of Guarda with its Smart City project aims to promote itself as an alternative for those who are already feeling the difficulties and pressures of large cities and urban networks already densely populated.

The city of Guarda, in the center of Portugal, with road and rail links to the capital, is a strong option to restart a life project in line with current societal standards. In which environmental preservation, circularity, and sustainability gain strength and space to promote economic and social development.

The Municipality of Guarda, proved to be up to the occasion by responding to the pandemic crisis with quick, intelligent actions supported by competence and strategy, guaranteeing to its citizens, conditions to overcome in a more comfortable way the process of confinement and social distance that was required to the whole community.

The municipality of Guarda, with leadership and strategy, is increasingly becoming a reference light for intelligence and the ability to resist and overcome difficulties, with humanism, perseverance, solidarity, and respect for others, especially for the most unprotected.

This is the spirit of a smart city, which puts inventiveness, technology, and humanism at the service of its fellow citizens, promoting harmonious and balanced social and economic development.

If you think this is the time to change come, check Guarda.


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