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Still fighting the pandemic but Guarda is on the right track

Gradually, Portugal and the world are trying to recover from the pandemic that has plagued the planet in recent months. In the municipality of Guarda, some measures of the population support program (Safeguard) will continue for a few more weeks until the risk of Covid-19 is significantly reduced.

It hasn’t been easy months, however, Guarda launched now the campaign to attract visitors to the territory safely. “Now is the time” highlights some of the most pleasant places, parishes, and historic villages with ancestral traditions that allow visitors to enjoy nature and heritage in safety.

It is already known that the effects of measures related to the pandemic are causing immense difficulties for families and companies across the world. Guarda is no exception. However, as a result of a strategy designed to mitigate these effects, the municipality has been promoting some new measures to help overcome this phase. Measures related to Tourism, but also with the attraction of investment and that we can account for them in this message.

Guarda, as a smart city, will make efforts to promote sustainable economic development while strengthening measures of social support to citizens to fight desertification, support culture, preserve traditions, heritage, and nature.

Participate in the GUARDA SMART CITY platform by sending your contributions so that we can overcome together this most complex moment.


Guarda Municipality is preparing Local Housing Strategy

A strategic planning document of relevant importance in terms of housing policy for the Municipality. This is an integrated measure in the New Generation of Housing Policies whose main objectives are to qualify the urban and rural fabric and prioritize housing solutions under the 1st Law Program, which aims to support and undertake decent housing solutions for people without financial resources that allow them to have access to adequate housing.

For this diagnosis and characterization of the housing needs of the municipality, the contribution and vision of different actors are essential, namely the Parish Councils, Local Council for Social Action, and Private Institutions of Social Solidarity. Thus, and in order for the document to be able to reconcile the hearing of all possible interlocutors, the Municipality provides an online survey here with the objective of collecting credible information that contributes to a better definition of strategic options that can have a significant impact on the definition of strategies of local housing policy.



Guarda will expand the Logistics Platform and invests more than 1 million

The work, “Requalification and Expansion of the Guarda Logistics Platform – 3rd phase”, corresponds to an investment of more than 1 million and 250 thousand euros and comprises a road network, accessibility plan, rain drainage network, water supply network, wastewater drainage network, fire network, electrical project, and ITUR, natural gas network, exterior arrangements and signaling.

It should be remembered that the Guarda Logistics Platform is part of the national network of logistics platforms and is an international operating structure and a privileged interface for business and industrial activity. In a geostrategic location of excellence in the Iberian and European scope, this structure aims to enhance the circulation of goods and commercial transactions by intensifying import and export, while also providing excellent conditions for national and regional operations.



Guarda moves forward with Strategy for adaptation to climate change

The adoption of a Municipal Climate Adaptation Strategy (EMAAC) comes under the Operational Program for Cross-Border Cooperation, Spain-Portugal POCTEP 2014-2020 | Green Cities CENCYL and intends to promote, throughout the municipality of Guarda, a coherent response to the multiple problems related to climate change, through preventive and adaptive management actions, valuing territorial planning and sustainability, as factors of climate resilience, reducing uncertainties and anticipating the challenges of the coming times.



Municipality and Altice sign protocol that ensures Mobile Network on the Walkways

The mobile network will be ensured throughout that area, spanning a vast geographical area, covering the parishes of Videmonte, Maçainhas, Meios, Aldeia Viçosa and the parish unions of Trinta and Corujeira and Mizarela, Pero Soares and Vila Soeiro.

Still on this protocol, the document will enable cooperation between the two entities with a view to expanding the optical fiber network in the Municipality of Guarda and for reciprocal use of the conduits, belonging to each of them.



The city of Guarda considers UNESCO’s recognition of the Geopark Estrela as a “landmark”

“And, therefore, to have, at this moment, the UNESCO seal, is to tell the world that there is a brand in Portugal and a territory that has exceptional, extraordinary conditions, of beauty, of nature preservation, of sustainability and that, at this moment, deserve, must be covered, known “, justified Mayor Carlos Monteiro.

The mayor of Guarda recalls that the territory has “more than 100 geosites” and that it is up to residents “to find mechanisms, methodologies, forms” to “enhance” the wealth that is recognized by UNESCO.



Guarda reschedules 7th Iberian Tourism Fair for 2021

The Municipality of Guarda is confident that in 2021, Guarda and the country will be ready to receive the more than 500 Portuguese and Spanish entities registered at FIT 2020, as well as Cuba, the invited country, and the Ávila Region as a prominent destination. The organization promises the 7th FIT, even more, strengthened, dynamic, and, of course, with strong Iberian participation, making an important contribution to the tourism sector, namely inland tourism.



Terraces authorized in Rua Direita from tomorrow and until August 31

The Guarda City Council decided to close Rua Francisco de Passos (Rua Direita) to traffic daily between 11 am and 11 pm, allowing the placement of esplanades by the restaurants that operate there.

This measure had been requested by businessmen in the sector, as an aid to economic recovery and as a way to attract visitors to the Historic Center and the municipality agreed.


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