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We welcome everyone interested in support and contribute to building a new strategy and ideas for the future of the city of Guarda.
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This is the proper time to design a new strategy that promotes the integration not only of the technology but also, of innovation and creativeness.


The moment to make different, go against the “status-quo” or stop the “business as usual” approach that has been constant for years.


The city of Guarda chooses to follow it’s own structured and ambitious path, yet, open and inclusive.


The action plan and strategy will be built with inputs and insights from all the areas, especially those working closely with the region.


The city of Guarda will make the best use of the technology and innovation but also other ideas and projects to attract more people to the region, make the city happy, liveable and loveable.


People of Guarda are the priority for this action plan designed specifically to bring the best of the future to our present day.


GuardaSmart.City will have these priorities among others: