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Urbanism and Economic Development

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The municipality of Guarda has a series of initiatives in the area of ​​Urbanism and Rehabilitation in order to facilitate the access of citizens to services and promote a better relationship between the community and the city and also contributing to the economic development of Guarda.

  • “Greenway” of the Urbanism | Analysis, and decision in thirty days, on urban operations directed to the Logistic Platform of Guarda;
  • Municipal Plans of Land Management, recent and updated | Detail Plan of the Urban Park of Rio Diz; Detail Plan of the New Industrial Pole of Guarda;
  • Administrative simplification, related to the consultation and emission of Localization Plants, for the instruction of urban operations;
  • An active policy of Urban Rehabilitation in the City | Existence of an ARU – Area of ​​Urban Rehabilitation. In preparation, a new ARU and an ORU – Urban Rehabilitation Operation;
  • Associative Quarteirão: Set of buildings rehabilitated inside the Guarda Wall, to host associations of a social and/or creative nature;
  • Business Incubator: Rehabilitated building, near the facilities of the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda, which will allow welcoming young companies
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