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Logistic Platform of Guarda – PLIE

Economy, Industry, Mobility

The Logistical Platform of Guarda Enterprise Initiative, better known by the acronym PLIE, was formally signed in October 2002. Considered a pioneer in Portugal, since it has services, logistics, and industry, there is only one other similar platform in Portugal, Tagus Park, in Oeiras, but that works only with the areas of services and technologies.

The PLIE intends to boost the regional economy, attract flows and investments in the industrial sphere, and also intends to expand Spain to the present port hinterlands. Due to its innovative and modern characteristics, it aims to offer an innovative space at competitive prices, transforming the current periphery into a new logistics center, providing a wide variety of services, betting on the quality of these same services, also providing collaboration between the public and private sector , creating value, generating investment and boosting employment, creating conditions for business development, and contributing to an integration of the two Iberian economies.

Taking into account the importance of this infrastructure, both at the regional and national level, PLIE is part of the National Network of Logistics Platforms.

Space dedicated to T.I.C.

Space of affirmation of the “information society”, mobilizing and diffusing the T.I.C. (Information and Communication Technologies):

  • The attraction of companies with greater technological intensity
  • Supply to enterprises of technological and telecommunications capabilities applied to Logistics and Industry
  • Creation of a Research Center, with collaboration protocols with Portuguese and Spanish University Institutions that fosters studies in the areas of Logistics and Iberian studies of sectorial and regional interest

(source Wikipedia and CMG)

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