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GUARDA SMART CITY: change for pure air and quality of life

For a few years till now, living in big cities is becoming a real survival challenge.

Many families are struggling to cope with lack of jobs, complex mobility and commuting, pollution and poor environmental quality, and the dearth of affordable housing.

Many students, entrepreneurs, families are struggling with the absence of opportunities and especially the quality of life where time is no longer enough for leisure activities and experiencing the pleasures of a one-time life.

Big cities are under pressure from an exponential increase in population, and in the coming years, everything may become even more complicated.

Why not avoid this rampant exodus and intelligently choose a sustainable destination where opportunities for professional growth and quality of life can be combined with economic, cultural, social and environmental harmony?

The city of Guarda with its Smart City project aims to promote itself as an alternative for those already feeling the difficulties and pressures of large cities and already densely populated urban networks.

The city of Guarda, in the center region of Portugal with road and rail links to the Lisbon capital, is a strong option to restart a life project in line with current society standards in which environmental preservation, circularity, and sustainability gain strength and space for promoting economic and social development.


Why Guarda?


Guarda city regulates the allocation of investment incentives

The municipality of Guarda, chaired by Carlos Chaves Monteiro, justifies the measure, “considering the need to encourage business investment in the municipality of Guarda, namely any investment that is relevant to sustainable development, which contributes to the strengthening of the local economy or [for] business diversification, as well as for the maintenance and creation of jobs based on qualification, innovation, and technology ”.


Guarda wants to move forward with agricultural products center

During the presentation session of the Farta Fair (held on September 13) Carlos Chaves Monteiro, as Vice-President of Pro-Raia – Association for Integrated Development of Raia Centro Norte, again mentioned a project that is in the drawer about five years ago: the construction of an agricultural products center on Guarda’s logistics platform.


Guarda presented in Paris candidacy for European Capital of Culture

Guarda’s application is “regional and cross-border”, involving “the 17 municipalities of the Beira and Serra da Estrela Community, the Douro, the municipalities that make up the Association of Historic Neighbor of Spain ”, reveals the city council of Guarda in a statement.


The municipality will move forward with Transport Management Platform

Under the Guarda Smart City Project, the Municipality of Guarda will give priority to urban mobility in the first instance and is moving towards this through the creation of a Transport Management Platform. The idea goes first to the improvement and placement of new shelters and new communication supports urban schedules and careers. The platform will act as a control center that will enable information to be shared more quickly and effectively.


The city of Guarda wants to install the first phase of a business incubator in the old municipal garages

The city council will use the old municipal garages, near the Center for Employment and Vocational Training, to install the first phase of a business incubator there. Initially, the project was planned for the first floor of the Municipal Market, but that space needs intervention.


Guarda will be a shipyard: in 2020 work begins to mark the mandate

The city will thus be gradually transformed into a shipyard. But outside the urban core will also advance (already in late 2019) the construction of the Mondego Walkways. The final phase of the decontamination of the Diz and Noéme rivers will also be launched in 2020.


Guarda  will rehabilitate homes in historic downtown for students

The Mayor of the Guard has announced the creation of a municipal real estate fund to rehabilitate houses in the historic center to be transformed into student residences and for youth letting.


The municipality of Guarda is investing about 300 thousand euros in computer equipment for schools in the first cycle of the county

These new 50 computers will be distributed by the 1st cycle schools of Guarda, of the two groups, Sé, and Afonso de Albuquerque. Lucília Monteiro says this investment covers about 1,113 children.


The city of Guarda will replace about 6 thousand streetlights with led technology

The investment is around 3 million euros and will be self-financed, Sérgio Costa explains that the investment is made, depending on the savings generated in the energy bill.


Guarda acquires houses in the city center for public and private services

With the purchase of both houses and their recovery, the municipality says that in addition to the good example that aims to “move to private enterprise”, the goal “also involves promoting the greater attraction of people to the historic center of Guarda.”


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