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Guarda Educational City

The Guarda Municipality’s approach to education is based on a humanist matrix that guides its attention and intervention, simultaneously and successively, to the satisfaction of the different needs inherent to the educational system in the territory.

Never neglecting the satisfaction of basic needs in terms of infrastructures, equipment, operating expenses, and human resources, the next level also mobilizes a strong and careful investment. It is about ensuring a high-quality School Social Action in the following areas: supports for books and school material; high nutritional quality school meals and an efficient school transport network. In addition, the Municipality invests in family support measures, which are best expressed in Family Animation and Support Activities in Pre-School Education and in the Family Support Component in the 1st Cycle of Basic Education materialized in the Municipal Network of ATL. Also at this level of intervention, the Municipality associates, supports and promotes policies, measures, programs and actions aimed at reducing failure and early school leaving.

At the highest level of the pyramid, the aspirations of the Municipality materialize to the promotion of education of excellence, formal and non-formal, throughout life. It is here that the ambition of the Municipality finds the best harmony with the principles proclaimed in the Charter of Educating Cities. Here, partnerships are established, shaped and energized, in a context of networking, with all agents likely to contribute to consolidating the profile of the Educating City Guard. This is a reflection of the socio-educational projects promoted by this network of partners, especially local, but also national and international. Some examples:

“Knowing how to eat at school”: Project of food education and promotion of healthy lifestyles. Partnership: Food and Nutrition Services of the Municipality and Local Health Unit
“Growing in Safety”: Road education project. Partnership: Education Service of the Autarchy and different institutional and commercial partners
“Clock of Nature”: Project of environmental education and citizenship. Partnership: Government Education Service, Polytechnic Institute and Protection and Relief Intervention Group (GIPS) of GNR
“Theater Workshop at School”: Project of dramatic expression and creativity. Education Service of the Municipality and Clusters of Schools
“The Land of Writing”: Project to promote books and reading. Partnership: Eduardo Lourenço Municipal Library and School Clusters
“Active Vacations”: Project to promote global development in leisure contexts. Partnership: Sports and other services of the Autarchy.
“Sound Travel”: Project to promote expressivity through Music. Partners: Guarda Municipal Theater and School Clusters
“An Animal is not a Toy”: Education project for citizenship and animal welfare. Partners: Municipal Kennel, GNR and Associations dedicated to animal welfare


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