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COVID-19: Guarda Municipality advances with preventive measures

The Municipality of Guarda today published a Notice announcing the adoption of preventive measures in the initial phase of the epidemic threat of the new Corona Virus (COVID-19) and which concerns the carrying out of Municipal activities which, due to the number of participants involved, come from conditions or conditions for their realization, may increase inappropriate risks. Thus, the Municipality will proceed with the following measures:

• The cancellation of fairs and outdoor markets in the municipality of Guarda;
• The closure of the Municipal Swimming Pool Complex by the end of the month;
• The cancellation of all activities of the Guarda + 65 Program;
• The use of the Municipal Sports Pavilion S. Miguel, Pavilhão Gimnodesportivo da Guarda (INATEL), Pavilion and Gymnasium Estádio Municipal is allowed for training and games, whenever there are no more than 100 (one hundred) users simultaneously (athletes, managers, and public);
• The use of the Gym is allowed, up to a maximum of four people simultaneously;
• The Municipal Stadium of Guarda (Grass and Track) and the Zambito Games Field are allowed to be used for training and games, provided that there are no more than 1000 (thousand) users simultaneously (athletes, managers, and the public);
• The cancellation of TMG activities that bring together more than 100 people in each event, for the moment, until the end of March;
• Cancellation of shows included in the “Quadragésima” initiative.

It should be noted that these measures are part of the Covid Contingency Plan 19 of the Municipality of Guarda and take into account the collegial decision taken at the last meeting of the inter-municipal council of CIMBSE – Intermunicipal Community of Beiras and Serra da Estrela.


Iberian Tourism Fair 2020 has a new date: 2 to 5 October


With the confirmation by the Directorate-General for Health of the various cases of infection by the new Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (causal agent of COVID-19), in Portugal, the Municipality of Guarda, as the organizer of the Iberian Tourism Fair, decided to change the dates of this event, initially scheduled from April 30 to May 3.

Thus, respecting the recommendations of the Directorate-General for Health, which confirm that the evidence has shown that mass events can enhance the spread of this virus, and taking into account that this event brings thousands of exhibitors and visitors to Guarda annually people from Portugal and Spain, as well as other foreign citizens, it was decided that FIT 2020 will take place from 2 to 5 October.

Aware of the importance of this decision, we cannot fail to ask for the understanding of all the stakeholders, especially those who have accompanied us over the last 6 editions of this great event aimed at Iberian Tourism. We are certain that in a joint effort we will contribute to overcoming the current circumstances and soon all the conditions are met for holding, with the usual success, the Iberian Tourism Fair 2020.


Change your air, move to Guarda

The city of Guarda with its Smart City project aims to promote itself as an alternative for those who are already feeling the difficulties and pressures of large cities and urban networks already densely populated.

The city of Guarda, in the center of the country with road and rail links to the capital, is a strong option to restart a life project in line with current society standards in which environmental preservation, circularity, and sustainability gain strength and space for promoting economic and social development.

Why Guarda?

The municipality of Guarda, chaired by Carlos Chaves Monteiro, justifies the measure, “considering the need to encourage business investment in the municipality of Guarda, namely any investment that is relevant to sustainable development, which contributes to the strengthening of the local economy or for [a] business diversification, as well as for the maintenance and creation of jobs, based on qualification, innovation, and technology ”. Read more.

 “Classroom of the Future” in two schools in the city

The two rooms represent “new ways of learning and new ways of teaching”, and are considered essential “for the school development” of the students covered.

Câmara da Guarda abre “Salas de Aula do Futuro” em duas escolas da cidade


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