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Located in a prime area of ​​the city, Quinta do Alarcão, the Eduardo Lourenço Municipal Library has three floors equipped with the most modern equipment and furniture, distributed by a building with modern and harmonious lines. The property is a symbolic element structuring the urban fabric and has an image well identified from an architectural and volumetric point of view.

Located in an area of ​​the pleasant and central natural environment, the Library has its doors open to the community, hosting an average of 136 users daily, which totals 41 487 per year. For this success, the 437 books and reading promotion activities we carry out on average every year contribute.

Equipped with reading rooms for children, youth and adults, it monitors information trends in digital and multimedia, although it fully maintains the functions of book promotion and reading and access to information.

The documentary background, in different formats, is coherent, pluralistic and updated, covering all areas of knowledge. It is in free access and available for a home loan, being integrated with a software that provides access to the catalog through the Web.

Given the high level of utilization, the library makes a significant contribution to the vitality of the urban area in which it is inserted and constitutes an important center of the meeting, self-training, and sociability.

Within what we consider BMEL good practices in accordance with the principles guiding the so-called “Smart cities”, we highlight the following:

  • Digitalization and digitalization of old newspapers;
  • The exclusion of paper in the services provided to the user;
  • Self-service scanning users are available;
  • Ongoing application is the new van of the Itinerant Library, within the scope of RIBBSE, which will be endowed with the most modern means of inclusion and facilitators of the life of the users, such as internet access and Loja do Cidadão services.