Guarda Smart City
We welcome everyone interested in support and contribute to building a new strategy and ideas for the future of the city of Guarda.
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GuardaSmart.City is a global Project to involve all the local, national and international stakeholders in the construction of a strategy for the future of the city of Guarda (Portugal).


Nowadays, cities are in the center of economic, social and cultural development. But, for small and medium-sized towns and cities, there’s a global competition for talent and new residents. They need to act to keep and attract talented professionals and citizens and that may be the greatest challenge.


The cities are the natural habitat for intelligence. A Smart City is the sum of actions of their leaders and citizens.


The city of Guarda has the priority to engage all the community in its project engaging citizens, business and other partners to find solutions and ideas for challenges and also welcome contributions for a sustainable and strategic vision of the future.


GuardaSmart.City will be the platform to cooperate and communicate, involving all the stakeholders, receiving contributions and inputs and promoting case studies and good practice, systems efficiency, sustainability and everything that is important to improve quality of life of its citizens.